American Future, Foreclosures, Prescription Drug Side Effects Not So Bad

If you believe everything the news media puts out about the economy, business and Americans’ finances today, you probably have a fairly bleak outlook for the near future. Local news broadcasts foretell of business closings, foreclosures and falling stocks.

The picture of America may not be as bad as the media paints it. News media outlets have been twisting stories to raise ratings for generations. The old adage “if it bleeds, it leads” is a common phrase in news rooms. For instance, stories on the evening news about health and wellness are not very uplifting; but Americans are living longer today than generations past. Neither are prescription drug side effects as terrible as the media makes them out to be. The positive benefits of these medications far outweigh the side effects in most cases. Science has come a long way and American health has reaped the benefits along the way.

Many Americans are making great home buys at huge savings because of the foreclosure rates. Additionally, large numbers of workers are furthering their educations as a result of unsuccessful job searches. More people are returning to churches or finding alternative routes to spiritual guidance, building stronger communities and closer families out of new hardships.

These may not be the perfect scenarios found in the typical American dream, but they are some positive points and situations coming out of an economic downturn. America bounces back and fights to win. Americans are resilient people. They pull together in hard times and support one another during times of loss.

If more media broadcasts and printed news would find the positive points of view in these times of trouble, Americans may better be able to build their morale and pull themselves out of financial trouble.