April Is Garden Planning Time

April is fast upon us and spring is ushering in the rainy days that we are going to want to make our gardens grow. If this April’s showers are going to bring you any May flowers, then you need to start planning your garden right now.

We gardeners like to be outside, getting dirty and may get stuck in the rut of thinking that’s the only kind of progress we can make in getting our dream garden into shape.

Don’t be so hasty! Rainy days, when you cannot work outside, are the perfect opportunities for you to pull out that sketchpad or graph paper and start laying out the master plan for your ideal summer garden.

As you plot each bed or hedge on the paper, be sure that you also keep a checklist of things you’ll need to purchase to bring that rendering to life. Grass seeds, flower bulbs, fertilizer and other essentials are just a few of the items bound to be on your list. The plan for your garden and the list will both grow in tandem. Still, remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune or have a huge yard to create your beautiful, blooming garden.

All you need is the plan and the materials to implement that plan. Your garden center can provide you with the grass seeds, the flower bulbs and all of the other materials on the list. They can also help you with something even more important, advice.

In fact, many garden centers have master gardeners on their staff. These experts will take a look at your plan and then offer you some well-qualified advice for a great price… absolutely free! So, use your rainy days wisely. Soon, you’ll be so busy out of doors turning your plan into reality that you won’t have time for making lists.