DRONE Skeet Shooting



The Red, White & Blue Lifestyle


The Red, White & Blue Lifestyle ~ Amy Lignor   Yes, July 4th is upon us and events, fireworks, backyard picnics – everything is about to commence. This is the celebration of our freedom; the celebration of America, but the events – the décor that will be used for the 4th and the theory that […]

Magic tWitch!


  Stephen “tWitch” Boss The “Magic Mike XXL” Interview with Kam Williams Magic tWitch!   Born in Montgomery, Alabama on September 29, 1982, Stephen Boss was always spinning and staying in motion as a child, which is how he earned the nickname “tWitch.”  After studying dance at Southern Union State Community, he made his Hollywood […]

Democracy Awake: The Time is NOW


Democracy Awake: The Time is NOW by Ted Lund We see and hear it all the time. “The system is broken.” “Elected officials aren’t listening to us.” “I have no idea what that candidate even stands for.” “Why bother to vote? They just do what they want anyway.” “The Government is defying We The People.” […]

The Mantle of “Living” Moves On


  The Mantle of “Living” Moves On ~ Amy Lignor Ask anyone out there – from architects to designers to consumers – what name is most associated with the world of décor and home lifestyles, and they will nine times out of ten say: Martha Stewart. Even when this woman with the slightly ‘gooey’ tone […]

Me and RJ!


  RJ Cyler The “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” Interview with Kam Williams   Me and RJ!   The youngest of three boys, Ronald Cyler II was born in Jacksonville, Florida on  March 21, 1995. He demonstrated a love of the arts and entertaining early on, teaching himself to play the keyboard and […]

Tidewater New Build: 210 LXF


  Tidewater New Build: 210 LXF   by Ted Lund   Jamieson Temple couldn’t believe his wife wanted him to buy a new boat. “It was almost like she tricked me into it,” laughs Temple. “I couldn’t believe she wanted me to go to a boat show and look for one.” It was at that […]