Eclectic Media Productions To Provide NewsBlaze With Important Information

Eclectic Media Productions and Newsblaze

Eclectic Media Productions, a surging publicity company in the United States, has announced a working relationship with a leading Internet newswire service provider, NewsBlaze.

With over 35 categories and 15 wire links, they are a rich source for news-based websites and content management feeds to generate content. They also offer a wealth of news from around the world for readers with various interests.

One excellent feature that NewsBlaze offers their readers is the content provided is non-biased in nature. You will find articles from both sides of the pendulum, with NewsBlaze remaining neutral on the topic.

Newsblaze and Eclectic Media Productions Working Together

Alan Gray, the Editor in Chief, states “NewsBlaze is excited to be working more closely with Shannon Rose and Eclectic Media Productions. Our relationship over the past year has been fruitful and now we are expanding the relationship for the benefit of our clients and each other.”

Shannon Rose of Eclectic Media Productions says “I am pleased to work with the top newswire company on the internet today. I’m excited to provide them relevant content for their site, and hope we can work together for many years to come.”

Eclectic Media Productions is signing new clients at a record pace. For a PR firm, getting the clients’ information out into the public, in a timely manner, is Eclectic Media Productions main objective. NewsBlaze is poised and capable to make this objective a reality for the growing PR Company.

Eclectic Media Productions To Provide NewsBlaze With Important Information

In the coming months, Eclectic Media Productions looks to provide NewsBlaze with important information so readers and followers can enjoy, regardless of where they are in the world.

Check out more about NewsBlaze by going to:

For interview opportunities with NewBlaze, please contact Shannon Rose at (813) 389-0801; (813) 960-8412; or


NewsBlaze was founded with the goal of providing attention to the news that the mainstream media gives little or no attention to. It offers its readers the ability to indulge in nonbiased reliable news about virtually every topic.

In its effort to provide a variety of news stories from a wide array of sources, NewsBlaze draws from articles and press releases from the United Nations, NATO, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of State, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Iraqi government, environmental groups and other organizations.


Shannon Rose formed Eclectic Media Productions in 2007. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best in Public Relations.

Eclectic Media clients have appeared in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Daily Variety, The Howard Stern Show, CNN, FOX NEWS, TMZ, The Daily Buzz, Playboy, Inside Edition, The Insider, and others.

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