Now is the Time to Book Waterfowl Hunts to South Louisiana


Now is the Time to Book Waterfowl Hunts to South Louisiana

By Craig Lamb

Home Run Fishing Charters & Lodge has an over 78 percent rate of repeat business for a reason. The saltwater fishing for species variety and trophy size is better than anywhere else in the nation.

And so is the waterfowl hunting, which is a little-known fact outside of Louisiana.

If you hunt and fish the idea of combining the better of two worlds in one trip seems impossible. There is one place you can do both, and that is in a special corner of south Louisiana.

Nowhere else can you enjoy a morning of amazing waterfowl hunting, and then spend the afternoon catching an inshore bonanza of saltwater species. The place to book this fantasy is Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge, where world-class fishing and waterfowl hunting is served with world-class service, first class lodging, Cajun hospitality and gourmet dining.

The Mississippi River Flyway also ends here. Habitat, favorable weather and food funnel waterfowl down the river and into the coastal marshes. From early teal migrations in September to late season mallards, the area supports the best waterfowl hunting around.

Teal, mallard, canvasback, pintail and red heads. Redfish, speckled trout, flounder, triple tail and more. Morning. Afternoon. Cast and blast.

In the latter sport, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service recently issued good news for Louisiana duck hunters. Gadwall, the duck most important to Cajun hunters, saw a significant climb from 3.7 million last year to 4.2 million this year, a 13 percent jump. This year’s gadwall count is an amazing 111 percent above the long-term average.

The numbers come from nesting surveys conducted during summer in the breeding grounds of prairie Canada and the northern states.

Blue winged teal also saw a nice climb from 6.7 million last year to 7 .9 million this summer. Louisiana’s teal season is open through September 15-30.

Home Run Charters & Lodge has access to over 10,000 acres of marsh from which to hunt. You will be safely transported to the blind with experienced guides. The blinds from which you will hunt are the best available.

A typical day begins before sunrise. Hunters are transported aboard safe, spacious skiffs to the duck blinds. The hunting ends around 10 a.m. when everyone is picked back up and returned to the lodge. After a brunch, the time comes for napping and relaxing. Then in the early afternoon, the charter boats leave the dock for some of the best inshore bull redfish action of the season.

“It is the better of two worlds,” said Brian Sherman, a licensed captain, and guide at Home Run Charters.

“The biggest redfish of the season stack up on the beaches and inside the marsh,” he continued. “When they school up you hook one, and that brings the entire school with it.”

Translated, that means multiple hookups from the same boat. Lots of trophy reds and sore arms is the payoff.

So is the size of the private hunting lease available to Home Run Charters.

Sherman said the lodge has access to so much land that the blinds are rested after a day of hunting.

“Normally you might have a great first day, go back and be whistling Dixie all day long,” he added. “We try and avoid hunting the same blind over multiple days to prevent patterning by the birds.”

Bookings go fast, so contact us soon to make reservations. Call us at (504) 982-8862, or (504) 909-TUNA. The all-inclusive package includes lodging, meals, hunting, fishing, and cleaning of fish and waterfowl. Cost is $690 per person, per day.

Click here for more about the Blast & Cast trips. Find out more about the inshore fishing by clicking here. Click here to visit and find out everything you need to know about booking a trip.



Original Source:  Sportsmans



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