2015: The Year of the “Green”


2015: The Year of the “Green”

~ Samantha Lewis

There are many careers to look into this New Year, but one of the highest on the ‘most-interesting’ list for 2015 seems to be in the world of ecology. Unlike years where lawyers and doctors were spit out of the collegiate system in the hundreds, the green world and saving everything from plants to animals to restoring the environment, is a lifetime pursuit that has grown quite large.
EcologiaLand management has become a huge part of the financial system of the United States. Real estate brokers out there are changing their top priority from selling property and closing a deal to making sure first and foremost that the right person is linked to the right property. Land management is ranging from everything to small farms and ranches that families wish to purchase and keep for generation after generation; to large properties that are being repaired and rejuvenated in order to increase wildlife and bring back the health of our environment.


The world of ecology has branches that go on forever, and more and more, students wish to get in on the action. Even though most seem to think this generation wants nothing more than to play video games, that belief is untrue. These future ecologists wish to examine the relationship between the environment and human and natural actions that are affecting it positively and negatively. They want to learn all they can so they can find a way to increase their knowledge and clean up what has been destroyed over time by weather, business, and increasing industry.


Rainfall, pollution, temperature shifts – this is the part of ecology where the person enters a laboratory and studies data in order to improve the world. Other branches of ecology are animal studies, environmentalism, biology – many arms that bring the student into the Great Outdoors where they do hands-on work to transform a broken and/or dead environment into a location that is wealthy with food, water, and all the right substances and minerals to bring back the plant growth and animal species that are needed for human health and survival.


When it comes to the outdoors, all parts of the “green” world can and will make the difference as to how the general population treats the environment from here on out. Never-ending scientific research will educate the rest of us so we can become brighter on how best to treat the environment.


The jobs available to people in the “green” industry are growing astronomically. This list is filled images (2)with jobs in various branches, including: Natural Resources & Conservation; Environmental Science & Engineering; Renewable Energy & Green Research; Outdoor & Environmental Education; Environmental Advocacy & Communications; International Environmental work; Environmental Jobs in Higher Education; and even a host of Environmental Internships for those who wish to learn hands-on. And if law, perhaps, is still your wish for a career, the “green” industry is providing a plethora of Environmental Law and Policy jobs that offer new challenges for all the legal eagles out there.


There are also a ton of organizations who work hard and hire people to help with everything from independent projects to corporate projects. One of the largest is The Nature Conservancy.

Protecting nature, conserving lands and waters, and reestablishing the natural world for future generations are included in their mission. Since 1951, this particular organization has continued with dedicated efforts all across the globe that employ graduates who want nothing more than to concentrate on the green world (of nature) instead of the green world (of cash).


So as classes return from the winter break, and Juniors and Seniors in high schools all across the USA get ready to make decisions regarding their futures, it is nice to know that 2015 is on track to be the year of the “green.”

Source:  Roadtrekin.com