Atlantic Coast Striped Bass

Atlantic Coast Striped Bass Long revered as one of the most popular gamefish along the Atlantic Coast, striped bass are found from the coastal rivers

Refined Power

Pick any offshore hot zone these days, and you’ll see big brawny center consoles working the rips. From the Mid-Atlantic canyons to South Florida and the

Top Gulf Tarpon Tactics

Megalops atlanticus, or tarpon in plain English, are one of the most prized catches of nearshore anglers in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Now is the time to learn Top Gulf Tarpon Tactics.

Boating and Fishing Safely

The first priority for any successful fishing trip is to return to the ramp or marina safely. Coastal waters needn’t be feared, but they sure better be respected.  Accidents, unforeseen equipment failure, and inclement weather can occur without warning, so it’s always prudent to be prepared and

Targeting Smoker King Mackerel

Smaller king mackerel often called “snakes” are not difficult to catch. They are both abundant and cooperative. Big trophy kings, or smokers since many end up on the smoking grill, are another story, however. Once these fish exceed the 40-pound mark, they are a

Aspen Wins Prestigious Award

Add another honor to Aspen Power Catamarans impressive list of accolades. The Pacific Northwest company was just bestowed the 2018 Family Business Award for Innovation by Seattle Business Magazine.

Outrigger Care

Bluewater enthusiasts have long realized the benefits of outriggers. Besides increasing the number of deployable rods, it’s also advantageous to extend the baits beyond the prop wash where they can be more easily seen by the targeted species. Outrigger systems are standard in big-game circles, and more

Mule Skinners

Known as reef donkeys or mules because of their stubborn, tenacious fighting ability, amberjack are a prized catch in the South Atlantic and Gulf waters.

Stalking Tripletail “One for the Bucket List”

Lobotes surinamensis are aptly named. More commonly known as tripletail, leaf fish or blackfish, these strange looking critters feature the dorsal, caudal and anal fins all close together at the rear of its body, hence its name. Camouflage with a mottled brown or dark color, these ambush predators can be found

Carolina Skiff 198 DLX is a stable, efficient option for flats and bays

Anglers shopping for a stable hull that runs well on less horsepower and floats shallow should take a Carolina Skiff 198 DLX for a test ride. It offers many desired features that won’t break the bank and is a great fishing boat.