Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Xist to Exist!



 by Samantha Lewis

It’s an unfortunate fact that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 200,000 women in America will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Even worse, more than 40,000 will die from the disease.


There are so many hideous facts and statistics that it makes people more than scared about their lives. However, in this case, scared might be just the thing to get better. Going to the doctor and having an annual breast exam is a must. Everyone can afford it, and no one can afford not to do it.


There are many things – tips, advice, doctor’s recommendations – that women are given when this xist_fitness_main_a2becomes a reality in their own lives, but one of the most important is the fact that physical fitness and a good diet are a combination that can save lives.


When you speak with doctors, they will say that physical activities like dancing, running, Zumba, yoga, or simply walking on a daily basis, appears to actually reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. And, no, there is no statement that will say that power lifting or going to the max is the only way to help stop the disease; in fact, the type/intensity of the exercise doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s done as often as possible. And when it comes to dietary needs, the more weight you gain, the more all your physical activity and hard work is erased.


There are many gyms and physical fitness programs out there. But when it comes to a gym, people hear the word and automatically see a bunch of hard bodies where they feel completely out of place. They join. They get those memberships after making their New Year’s Resolution, but when work, children, life, and fear get in the way – they no longer go.


Xist Fitness is a name in the industry that has gotten rave reviews for the simple fact that this is not the ‘norm.’ Yes, there are many ages who work out using different programs and machines. But what the difference is with Xist Fitness, is that their gym comes with expert trainers that understand each individual’s physical fitness needs. There is no condescension or embarrassment when working out at Xist Fitness, and the results are not only to the outer body, but they are also present in the wider smile that people earn from simply working out in a place they feel comfortable.


There are many studies out there in America in regards to breast cancer and how the physical fitness world can reduce the risk. Women who walked, maintained an exercise program for one hour a day, seemed to have the greatest benefit, lowering their breast cancer risk by about 30%. And with the studies, age didn’t seem to matter either. Physical activity reduced breast cancer risk in younger women as well as older women after menopause.


Xist Fitness is a place where one and all can be comfortable, no matter what their weight may be. They can feel as if they’re going into a non-judgmental area where they can get help, receive advice, get fit, and stay away from those large weight gains that can occur, especially after menopause.


And it’s not just breast cancer. Exercise fights obesity, heart disease, diabetes and more, while improving a person’s mental state and outlook. A good, positive mental state always comes from a positive and healthy physical state – and that is what Xist Fitness gives to each and every man and woman out there who needs their help.


In this world of negatives, Xist Fitness is a true ‘positive’ when it comes to making people feel better. So as we become more and more aware of the risks and diseases that are out there, begin with a good, healthy slate by having a physical fitness program in place that’s just right for you!


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Source: Baret News Wire