Conversation with Clay Dyer

By Capt. Ted Lund

Watch the inspiring story of Yamaha Pro Team professional bass fisherman Clay Dyer.

Due to determination and grit, Dyer has overcome personal setbacks and physical challenges to move to the forefront of the professional bass fishing scene, all while doing with Yamaha Outboards.

“I have a couple of mottos that I kind of live my life by,” says Dyer. “One of those mottos is ‘If I can do what I can do in professional bass fishing without any adaptive equipment than anybody can do it. That’s one of the things I love about my Skeeter and my Yamaha is that I don’t need any special adaptations.”

Dyer says anglers have two options in life.

“You can either let your limitations define you, or you can believe and keep the faith and just keep pressing forward,” says Dyer. “That’s something I’d like to teach kids… that no matter what obstacles are in your way, you can overcome those and make your dreams come true.”

Dyer credits his mentors in the fishing world for giving him the drive to succeed.

“I’ve been fortunate to have been taken under the wing of some of the professionals in our sport,” says Dyer. “Anglers like Jay Ellis, Scott Canterbury, Kevin Van Damm, and Gerald Swindle. I’ve been fortunate. Jay and Scott and Kevin were the first to see the passion and drive that I had to not only compete in this sport but to excel in it.”

But Dyer continues pushing past any obstacles life might throw in his path.

“I am nowhere near satisfied,” says Dyer. “I don’t believe I’ve gotten anywhere near where my true potential is.”

So what’s in the future for Dyer?

“We’re just gonna keep on going, living the dream,” says Dyer. “We’re going to keep trying to make it to the Bassmasters Elite and Bassmasters Classic and keep on going.”

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