Earth Day 2016: Celebrating the Trees!


Earth Day 2016: Celebrating the Trees!

by Amy Lignor


2016 is quite a year for celebration when it comes to the world around us; the need for celebration, that is. When it comes to response time for worldwide emergencies—climate change, the horrific water situation in Celebrating the Trees, Earth Day, April 22, Paris Agreement, Climate Change, survival of the humankindRio that the Olympians will have to deal with, as well as the water at home that one small town is fighting to restore in order to stay in their homes—that response time has been slim to none. It would be an understatement to say that we, as a community and as a human population has been slow to stop the damaging activities that are causing the planet to become more and more ill. What might be even worse to hear is that this problem was brought to the forefront of peoples’ minds over forty years ago. It was in 1972, that the United Nations organized the first UN Conference on the Human Environment. When that meeting took place in Stockholm, the coming together of minds was the very beginning of global awareness between humanity and the planet. Over forty years, yet the danger has gotten worse.


On April 22nd, Earth Day will be celebrated once again. The day that is dedicated to promoting a global view of the Earth as a living, breathing entity that must be taken care of because it sustains ALL living things found in nature. This is the day that honors the Earth as a whole and our own small places upon it.


Yet another headline is happening when it comes to this particular Earth Day celebration. This will coincide with the signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which will be held at the UN Headquarters based in New York City. Adopted by all 196 countries, this agreement states that everyone in power will work harder to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius; given the dangerous risks the mark working to be reached will be 1.5 degrees. The ceremony is the first day that the agreement will be open for signatures, which may not sound like something “big” or a “big” step forward in saving the world…but it is. The signing is the first step in ensuring that this agreement will become legal ASAP. In other words, saving this planet will no longer be on the backburner or the focus of a few speeches and movies; it will become law that countries must follow to get the planet back on track to good health and well-being.


When picking the theme for Earth Day 2016, the job was done well. After all, the theme focuses on one of the most important things on this Earth that are needed in order for all humankind to survive: the trees.


The Earth Day Network’s mission has always been to broaden the knowledge of being “green” by diversifying the mega-environmental movement worldwide in order to re-create/bring back a sustainable environment, encourage good health, address the issue of climate change, and protect this Earth so that future generations can live a good, long life. With this year’s theme being trees, the Network also sets a goal of planting 7.8 billion trees over the next five years.


Not only do the trees help combat climate change, but they also absorb excess and harmful CO2 from the atmosphere. A quick fact: in one year, only one acre of mature trees does the work of absorbing the same amount of CO2 that’s produced by driving the average car (ONE car) 26,000 miles. Trees provide us with that clean air we need by absorbing odors, pollutant gases such as, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone, and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on leaves and bark.


One of the greatest things trees do is save other species. Choosing to plant the right trees can counteract the loss of specific animals by providing them food, as well as clean and healthy habitats where the species can safely dwell.


Communities all around the globe are aided by trees. By cleaning up the air we breathe and making the world better, communities see economic and environmental wealth. Food, energy, income…trees are responsible for the betterment of all lives.


So get involved! Plant a tree in your backyard, or get together as a community to plant trees in the neighborhood. Now is the time to act. Come together for Earth Day and celebrate life, health, and the almighty trees.

Source:  Baret News