In & Out: Outhouse Stout

In & Out: Outhouse Stout

‘Outhouse Stout’ Tee

The old adage remains true. “It goes in one end and right out the other.” Am I right, or am I right? This says it all, people! We know beer is necessary. Whether barbecuing in the backyard, or working outside on a hot day; whether sitting in a bar yelling at the screen because your Outhouse Stoutfootball team has lost yet ANOTHER one to those bas***ds who don’t deserve to wear a uniform (insert the team you hate here _______); or, whether you are that avid hunter, sitting in the woods spraying the mist of deer urine to attract the buck of your dreams and, unfortunately, sprayed it into the wind…beer is what you need to simply forget. And no matter where you go, there will be a GRAND outhouse such as this for your needs. Why? Because THIS is America. We are the ones with the innovative minds who created this ‘little brown building that could’! So never fear! Go out and get that stout, hearty, blessed beer and have a peaceful mind, knowing that the outhouse was created to be there in YOUR time of need. (Oh, by the way, don’t drink and hunt. You can’t get away with shooting your friend ‘Bob’ and putting antlers on his head. The cops will always figure it out). Now Break Out the Brew!


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