On Memorial Day Remember to Continue the Fight for a ‘Green’ America

On Memorial Day Remember to Continue the Fight for a ‘Green’ America

 ~ Samantha Lewis

America at war is a horrific thing to think about. We strive for peace. We strive to stop the damage being done to human lives. We also miss with all our hearts the men and women we lost over the decades, who gave their lives so that we could have our freedom. These ladies and gentleman made, and still make up, the ‘best of the best’ of us, and should be remembered each and every day, not just next Monday.
Alternative_EnergiesWe have also strived to save our planet; learning that taking care of the globe with every little thing we do is a necessity. Therefore, as it is with the memories of those veterans, both with us today and the ones who fell, we must always remember and do our best to make America the ‘greenest’ country in the world.


All areas of manufacturing are trying desperately to change their ways: new laws are being put into effect; companies are utilizing recycling programs; solar projects and wind projects are into the billions of dollars across the country – and each and every one of us on a personal level is understanding the fact that every day, everything we do, has an effect on the world around us.


Many people believe that America is all ‘talk’ and no actual ‘action’ when it comes to the ‘green’ transformation that has already occurred in other countries, but when you look closely, it’s a fact that the recent economic breakdown actually taught America that we have to find a way to live together. And by doing this, America must use all the ‘clean’ energy resources on hand (as well as find and create others), that will not only help our people find employment, but also help protect seriously vulnerable habitats.


This ongoing ‘energy revolution’, includes every individual caring for nature, and learning the positive aspects of solar, wind, all the way to geothermal heating and cooling processes for the home and business. Not to mention, plug-in hybrids and other ‘ideas’ that will eventually allow us to bid non-renewable energy sources goodbye. We must continue with these processes, and create more jobs by expanding our ‘green’ country, allowing us one day to break away from the gas and oil industries we continue to utilize.


‘Clean Energy Victory Bonds,’ are one idea that has people talking. Victory bonds are not new, of course; they came into being during World War images (5)II. But in this case, Americans would buy bonds from the federal government to invest in large-scale green energy projects, with particular emphasis set in low-income locales. These bonds would pay back an annual interest rate, and are yet another path to consider.


When ideas come and go, and both the government and the people who truly want to create a greener America come head-to-head, it’s reasonable to stop for a minute, and think things through before going forward with ideas that simply end up hurting both the economy and the natural world even more.


This country was founded on ingenuity. This country has had the best people taking charge, and heading into battle to make sure that we worked together and invested time, energy, and intelligence into making America great.


So as you bow your heads and pay homage to those honorable people who gave up their lives so we could live, remember that one way you can truly honor them is to help save the country that they fought so hard to protect.


Have a happy and safe Memorial Day, everyone.