Quail Hunting & More in the Stunning Etowah Valley

By Amy Lignor

When it comes to Georgia, there are many things—locations, historical sites, the fun citizens, and more—than cause Georgia to forever be on your mind, making the State slogan a complete and utter truth. When it comes to the hunting world, there is also a place set in the stunning Georgia scenery that caters to every hunter on the planet. And from now until March, quail hunters are escaping to Etowah Valley Preserve, one location in Georgia that suits them to a “T” and provides the perfect hunting guides to choose from.

Quail Hunting & More in the Stunning Etowah Valley When it comes to Georgia, there are many things—locations, historical sites, the fun citizens, and more

Consisting of over 650+ acres, spread out in eight distinct hunting areas, Etowah Valley fulfills the wishes of hunters spanning all age ranges and abilities. Committed to preserving the family hunting tradition, the Preserve is also heralded for being able to provide a different hunting experience for every time you and your family visit.

A variety of hunts are offered so that you can truly enjoy an unforgettable day of bird hunting. Whether it be guided, self-guided, full or half-day hunts you’re looking for, the list to pick from is long and varied.

When it comes to opting for a Flush Hunt, Etowah Valley provides guided and self-guided hunts for both half and full days. The guided Flush Hunts can be booked for one up to four hunters. There is a choice of 4 Pheasant, 8 Chukka or 12 Quail, and can be a Straight Shoot or Mixed Bag. Guided by one of their experienced dog handlers and his seasoned dog(s), you have a choice of hunting locations that offer a variety of cover and terrain.

If opting for a self-guided Flush Hunt, these are half-day excursions for hunters with their own dogs and are limited to one or two hunters. There is a 4 Pheasant, 8 Chukka or 12 Quail minimum per hunter; with extra birds available upon request for an additional fee. The Preserve will also provide dog kennels when your hunting pals are not out working. (Extra Bird Costs include: Pheasants $21.00 each; Chukka Partridge $10.50 each; Quail $7.00 each; Hungarian Partridge $14.00 each.)

Another hunting package offered is the British Hunt. Exclusively for pheasants, this is an adaptation of an authentic British style hunt where the pheasants are pressed to fly over the hunters and provide them with challenging shots. Completely unique, the hunt is laid out in a semicircle with 7 stations; 2 hunters at each station. There are 6 pheasants released per hunter and 10 to 12 released at each rotation. (A rotation being where you advance to a different station to your left so that each hunter rotates through all of the stations available.) Held every Saturday beginning in January, weather, and shooters permitting, you can experience the British Hunt through March 31st.

One extremely favorable hunt that is thoroughly enjoyed at the Preserve comes in the form of the Extreme Quail Hunt. A guided-only hunt with a maximum number of 4 hunters, the journey is all about the quail, no mixed bag, and are among the absolute best when the avid quail hunter is searching for their number one choice of game.

So waste no time sitting inside during the winter months. Merely get your gear together and take a trip so exciting, it will forever be on your mind.

Head to https://etowahvalleygamepreserve.com/ for a look at all that awaits you in Etowah Valley, Georgia.

Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com