Striped Bass Patrick Walters

Yamaha Pro Fishing presents a great video, “Striped Bass with Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters.” This is an excellent video for anglers to recognize a solid fishing opportunity while on the water, even if you were on the water pursuing a different species.  After all, it’s fun to catch fish!

Within rivers, even targeting bass, you may come across areas that are holding crappie, bluegill, and even stripers! While there, why not take an opportunity to change the pace and take advantage of catching a few. Stripers are common in many rivers, and with deep holes, shoals and structure provide a great opportunity for “smashing bite” to make your time on the water most enjoyable.

In this video, Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters shares some insights, strategies, and techniques to recognize a striper opportunity while fishing rivers that will assist you in landing a few line sides of your own.

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