The Biggest Part of American Culture: “And the Award Goes To…”


The Biggest Part of American Culture: “And the Award Goes To…”

by Amy Lignor


Whether it is the biggest part of American culture or just the one most recognized, awards season is actually a time of the year that is waited for by movie, TV, and entertainment fans of all types. Not only are people dying to see what others are wearing, but they are also just American culture, Golden Globes, Johnny Depp, People's Choice Awards, Oscars, Entertainment, standouts, movies, televisionwaiting to cast their personal reviews for the host and/or hostess that was chosen to be at the head of it all. Not everyone can be Billy Crystal—that much became obvious long ago. But the one many are waiting to see (and loving the fact that he and his bad mouth are back at the helm) is Ricky Gervais. He, again, will be leading the Golden Globes. Which is everyone’s favorite awards show of the season because people very much like to watch all those so-called elegant superstars get drunk as skunks.


For the “unofficial kickoff” to the 2016 awards season, Johnny Depp was honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala last night and given the Desert Palm Achievement Award for all his good work. But there were other heavyweights of Hollywood who attended, mostly to talk about their own movies and get going on the publicity they need in order to win themselves the “Super Bowl” trophy of awards season – a small, golden man named Oscar.


Yes, the people will choose their favorites at the People’s Choice Awards, but the Hollywood Foreign Press is usually the judge of what “should” happen at the Oscars. This time out, it seems the Foreign Press has fallen head over heels in love with the 1950s romance, “Carol,” which garnered five nominations, including best picture in the drama category. But, remember, the Oscars do like to change things up a bit.


Whereas “Carol” landed nods for the director, as well as stars, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, “The Big Short” with Steve Carell and Christian Bale received four nominations, including best picture in the comedy arena. But seeing as that the Oscars do not separate the laughter from the crying, it’s still anyone’s guess who the biggest award will go to in the end.


“The Revenant” may just be the twisted movie that finally lands much looked-over Leonardo DiCaprio an Academy Award, even though he has received four Golden Globes thus far. And the rest of the drama category at the Globes offers movies nominated that an Academy Award will most definitely not be given to: “Mad Max: Fury Road” will never take home an Oscar.


There are no standouts yet, as far as best picture is concerned, but most are claiming that the Boston Globe drama “Spotlight” is the favorite at the moment. When you ask viewers, however, it is Jennifer Lawrence (again) and her spin in “Joy” that have people raving she should take home all awards this season.


When it comes to the world of television, Netflix once again basically proved that regular TV is not necessary. “Fargo,” “Mr. Robot,” “Outlander”… Seems as if the TV world has turned far away from women running around NYC in overly high heels, onto a more scientific/futuristic path, making the return of “The X-Files” in January the perfect fit.


Will Smith is another true Oscar contender with “Concussion,” seeing as that anything about the NFL draws headlines. But, oddly enough, the name not mentioned at the Golden Globe nominations was the same name that “kicked off” this awards season: Johnny Depp’s character Whitey Bulger in “Black Mass,” was never heard of.


Are there esteemed veterans this time out? Oh yes. Al Pacino, Maggie Smith, Jane Fonda, even Lily Tomlin is back. But perhaps the most personal with millions of fans is the fact that Sylvester Stallone earned a nomination for “Creed.” In other words, the great Rocky Balboa garnered yet another nomination, as he did back in 1976. Talk about an icon in American culture; it would be nice to see Rocky KO the competition.


So…get ready. Hold on to your hats, bustles, and drinks as the incredible Gervais brings on the Golden Globes; one night of pure fun leading up to the always elegant (and incredibly boring for two hours) Academy Awards airing on February 28th.




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