The Story Behind Home Run Charters & Lodge


The Story Behind Home Run Charters & Lodge

By Craig Lamb

“Never Strike Out” is the chosen marketing slogan for Home Run Charters & Lodge. It’s a catchy phrase that fits. It’s also a fact. The story behind the business will make a believer out of anyone, with exception of the repeat customers.

There are many.

Since opening five years ago, the percentage of repeat business stands at 78.8%. The customers come as far as Australia and Canada. A strong following comes from Texas, Florida and North Carolina. Ironically, those states can rightfully claim world-class bragging rights for saltwater fishing in their coastal waters.

The secret to success is an old fashioned formula often times overlooked today.

“We treat customers with utmost courtesy, kindness and most of all, lending a helping hand when needed,” said Glen Newell, an owner of the business.

Home Run Charter_Mahi Mahi Fishing

His fleet of experienced licensed captains and guides shares Newell’s philosophy. All believe that learning, not directing, increases angling confidence and pure pleasure in the sport, regardless of skills level.

“We like to teach our clients, explain how and why we are using a particular lure, bait, and technique,” added Captain John Pisa. “Saltwater fishing can get technical, and we believe sharing our wisdom and experience goes a longer way than just instructing someone on how to reel in their catch.”

Newell set out to build a fish camp like none other, after losing his own fish camp to Hurricane Katrina. He acquired the only property available in Venice. He set out to build, from the ground up, the best facility of its kind.

“My philosophy is that if you want to be competitive, then you must offer customers premium level lodging, the best food, the most experienced guides, and the most current tackle, boats, and electronics available at the time.”

“When you invest in all of that it takes a very high level of customer service to drive it to success,” continued Newell.

The staff at Home Run Charters & Lodge lives up to the challenge. Click here to meet Pisa and his fellow guides and captains.

Venice sits on a narrow slice of land that is nearest to the confluence of the Mississippi River where it enters the Gulf of Mexico. The supercharged mix of nutrients polarizes the fish, and not too far from the home base of Home Run Charters and other fish camps.

That makes getting clients to the nearby fishing grounds early, and quickly, a must. Home Run Charters gets there first with a fleet of performance-designed boats that are the best available.

Home Run Charters operates 36’ Yellowfin 36 center console boats that are powered by 300-horsepower Yamaha outboards. The fish can’t hide, either. The boats are rigged with the latest GPS mapping and sonar devices available.

What else is unique is a feature that is unique to the fleet. The Yellowfins now use technology available from Seakeeper. The gyroscopic stabilization platform is designed to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll. The result is an even smoother, stable and dry ride than already designed into the Yellowfin hulls.

Click here to view more about the offshore fleet of boats.

Fast boats, world class fishing and knowledge you gain that makes you and even better angler the next time out. What could be better?

After a long day on the water, you find out upon returning to the dock. Home Run Lodges is no ordinary Venice end-of-the-road fish camp. Stylish Tommy Bahama furnishings set over rich hardwood floors. Separate living and dining rooms with a bar and kitchen.

“Each room is designed differently, and all of it with top-end furnishings,” said Newell.

From the stylish Tommy Bahamas furniture to the ornate fixtures and rich, hardwood floors, the accommodations offer a more refined way to relax after an exciting day of inshore or offshore fishing.

Three separate lodges each have a living room, wide-screen TVs, free WiFi with a printer, dining room, bar and kitchen. You can cook your own meals or experience gourmet dining. Big pork chops, prime steaks, and Louisiana seafood, the freshest around, are on the menu.

The lodges can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people at one time. That makes the Home Run lodges a perfect venue for corporate gatherings, bachelor parties, and other special events.

What else is unique to Home Run Charters are the details that often times cost additional at fishing and hunting lodges. The charge for processing fish and waterfowl is included in the all-inclusive packages. The all-inclusive package includes plucking, processing and even Cryovac vacuum packing for all ducks harvested by the hunter.

New for this season is a Blast and Cast package. Home Run Charters has private access to 10,000 acres of prime waterfowl grounds. Those are located at the base of the Mississippi Flyway.

Beyond those grown plans the mission is to continue delivering world-class customer service with the best products and services available.

“We don’t want to outgrow ourselves,” said Newell. “Taking care of our clients is our top focus, and we never want to lose focus of that mission.”

Want to know more about Home Run Charters? Check out the website at Find out more about the inshore fishing, including rates, by clicking here. To get updated fishing reports, conditions and just chat with someone at Home Run Charters, call (504) 982-8862.


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