This ‘Cajun Sleigh Ride’ is a Real Drag


This ‘Cajun Sleigh Ride’ is a Real Drag

By Craig Lamb

Captain Brian Sherman recalls the story of the husband and wife fishing with him last New Year’s Eve. The couple had traveled from New York City for a day of casting for bull redfish in the marshes of south Louisiana. The day did not disappoint.

“The wife set the hook on a 45-pound bull red, and she only weighs about 90 pounds,” recalled Sherman, one of the top guides at Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge.

Then the fight was on.

“That fish dragged her about 3 miles, and I had to follow her so we could get back to the husband,” he says with a laugh. “She loved it.”

Fish story? Yep, but it’s true. Sherman calls it the “Cajun sleigh ride,” and he contains his laughter when the scenario is repeated, and often, with other clients. They have no idea of the power of a redfish and the sporting value of catching them from a kayak.

South Louisiana, and specifically the waters around Venice, is special for many reasons. This is where the Mississippi River infuses coastal marshes with nutrients that supercharge the food chain. Think a food chain, from tiny crustaceans to top-level predators, that live on steroids. The fish grow big, fight hard and are plentiful.

Sherman and his son guide clients on the kayak, and even paddleboard trips into the marsh. From now through January and into early spring the Mississippi River is lower than any other time of the year. As a result, the water is clearer and conditions more predictable.

Casting lures on light and medium weigh spinning gear is ideal. Fly fishing is even better because you can sight cast for the prize.

“You can see the fish tailing, feeding and those months, by far, are the best time to come here,” said Sherman. “You can put the fly two, three feet ahead of the fish.”

“The kayak fishing is just incredible because you are at the water level with the fish, the wildlife, all of it,” he added. “All species are inshore that time of year and it by far is the best time for that type of fishing.”

Redfish, trout, flounder and who knows what else. Cooler water temperatures and the abundance of baitfish draw the fish inshore.

“Some days we even out-fish the bigger boats,” noted Sherman.

He also encourages first-timers to experience the double bonus of a crash course in kayak angling while enjoying the great fishing.

“About 85 percent of my clients are newcomers, so there’s no need to be hesitant about booking the trip,” said Sherman. “It’s a learning thing; we like to take all the time needed to teach novices what to do so they have the most fun.”

Bring your own kayak or use the boats that are included with the charter. Tackle and lures also come with the trip. All that is required is showing up with an eager mind willing to learn and have fun along the way.

Sherman guides clients from Kaku Kayaks for a reason.

“They are incredibly stable for standing or sitting and track straight,” he said. “The hull design and layout is ideal for inshore saltwater paddling and fishing.”

The cost is very economical. The rental fee for boats and gear is $65, and the guide rate is $200 for a solo angler. For two anglers the total coast is $330 per day, and a third angler makes it $395. A day lasts about 7 hours.

“We like to keep the parties small so the guide can keep up with things, provide one-on-one advice and help,” said Sherman.

Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge is the premier outfitter in Venice and for a lot of reasons. Luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, Cajun hospitality and experienced, licensed captains using the latest and best boats and equipment are why.

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Original Source: Sportsmans